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Get your backpack ready and visit Georgia!

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Get your backpack ready and visit Georgia!

8 reasons to travel to Georgia

1 -The nature of Georgia... no words can describe it...
2 - The people of Georgia will conquer your heart...
3 - The little local markets...
4 - Tbilisi is one of the most unique capitals I know...
5 - The little streets of Tbilisi...
6 - The beer is good and cheap, so is the food...
7 - You will find little churches everywhere...
8 - Batumi and the stunning Black Sea Coast...
What to see in Georgia?
1. Mtskheta - It is the oldest city in Georgia and part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.
2. Svaneti - a region in north-west Georgia known for its architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes. It's also part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.
3. The Great Caucasus - the highest mountain range in Europe stretching 1200 km from the Black to the Caspian Sea. Also Europe's highest peak the Mount Elbrus is located in the Caucasian Mountains.
4. Ushguli - a tiny village located on 2200 meters above sea level and therefore the highest village in Europe. It's also known for its typical Svanetian protection towers.
5. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park - one of the largest and probably most stunning national parks in Europe.
6. Bagrati Cathedral - yes another highlight on the UNESCO World Heritage list and a masterpiece in the history of modern and medieval Georgian architecture. It is located in the city of Kutaisi.
7. Tbilisi.

Get your backpack ready and visit Georgia!
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Zapraszamy serdecznie do Gruzji. Zorganizujemy,pokazemy, opowiemy po polsku ( albo po angielski lub po rosyjsku... nawet po gruzinsku! :)